Why Get Your Transmission Serviced Regularly?

While many people have heard a transmission service advertised on television or seen an in-store ad, few understand what all is included in transmission service. Depending on your car's model, the mechanic will remove and examine the sump or pan holding the transmission fluid. The mechanic will remove the pan followed by replacing the transmission screen or filter helping to keep life-ending gunk out of your transmission. The mechanic will then clean the pan and put it back in place using a new pan gasket.

While most of the fluid will be drained while the pan is out of the way, any fluid that remains will be removed from the transmission and replaced. Depending on when you last had your car's transmission serviced, the mechanic may use the same type of fluid or change to a newer transmission fluid helping to improve your car's performance.

If you need your transmission serviced, then come see us at Huntington Ford Lincoln!

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