Know When to Bring Your Vehicle in for Headlight Maintenance

It is important to get a headlight inspection if you are having trouble seeing the road while driving at night. The headlight bulbs may need replacing, or the lenses may need clearing. Changing a headlamp bulb is routine maintenance in a vehicle. Depending on what type of car you drive, accessing the back of the headlight to change the bulb can be easy or may require you to remove a panel. When you are replacing one headlight bulb, it is a good idea to replace the other one at the same time.

These days, replacements are available in a variety of styles. Halogen light bulbs are the most common. LED bulbs last a long time, and HID style bulbs use a different technology to produce light. Each bulb has pros and cons. You may have noticed your headlights appear white or cloudy-colored. The environment and the sun cause this film to develop over time. Specially formulated restoration cleaners and buffers can remove it, restoring the lens to its original shine.

If you need help with headlight maintenance, contact the service department at Huntington Ford Lincoln anytime.

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