Should Tires Be Replaced? Know the Signs

Some car owners buy new tires yearly whether they need them or not. Other shoppers wait until the tires no longer serve them safely. Knowing the signs that your tires need replacing can ensure you don’t spend money unnecessarily.

Most of us have heard about the Lincoln penny test. Put a penny in the groove of your tire with his head facing down. If you can see the top of Abe’s head, your tires need replacing. You may also want to look carefully at both sides of the tires. They may pass the penny test but still need replacing if they’re wearing unevenly or can’t hold air for long.

If you still have concerns and questions regarding when to replace your tires, pay us a visit at Huntington Ford Lincoln. Our technicians will give you an honest assessment and, if you do need tires, show you our complete selection of tires.



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